Making TV Social!

Why just watch a show when you can join the conversation? TweetWatch.TV allows you to participate in the conversation that takes place live when news shows are happening, and then to continue the conversation after the show ends. Unlike traditional Twitter applications, TweetWatch.TV is designed specifically for fast paced live tweeting, allowing you to stay on top of the conversation even at its fastest pace.

Fast Paced

It can be hard to keep up with all the Tweets during a popular show. is designed for this kind of fast paced live tweeting. It presents tweets in a compact format, so you can see more at once than normal. It gives you filtering options, so you can skip redundant retweets. And it gives you the ability to instanly banish trolls from your feed!

Simple to Use

There’s no software to install and no configuration required to get started. Just launch the application and you’re tweeting along with your favorite show!

All you need is a Twitter account to start.

Designed for Live Tweeting Shows

Most news shows have some or all of of hashtags, show accounts, and host accounts that you want to pay attention to. Details for these shows is already baked into the application, so you just pick the show you want to follow. makes sure you see the tweets from the show by highlighting those accounts.